Thursday, March 11, 2010

Student Appreciation Day!

After Theory I snacked on 30 grams of nuts. I love NUTS! They have so much flavor and each one is different. I think of this bunch the macadamias were my favorite.
I was still feeling a little hungry when I got to Anthropology I snapped a photo of this Z bar before class started. I've totally gotten over being self-conscious about taking pictures of my food.... except when I'm sitting in the back corner of a low lit classroom full of people.. I think the flash might be a little distracting!
Chocolate Chip! Never fails to satisfy. I think it has to do with the chocolate chips that are dispersed through every bite.

Today was Student Appreciation Day at work!! I love this day! Once every quarter the supervisors bring homemade goodies to the work room and keep the table stocked the entire day just to show appreciation for the student employees. It's the most amazing day ever! Everything is always so tasty and there are usually a decent amount of vegan conscious dishes which I appreciate haha.
I chose a light and tangy salad and corn and bean salsa with a glob of guacamole on top.
And a bunch of grapes which I continued to eat out of the bowl once these were gone from my plate!
I used this chip to help scoop my food onto my fork so when I was done I just ate it with a little salsa.
This chex-mix was taunting me all afternoon! I was wary of the chocolate chips because I learned recently that even dark chocolate can sometimes have milk in it.
But I had a stroke of genius and decided to put the mix into my yogurt, sans chocolate. It was quite a tasty idea if I do say so myself.
I busted out my little pack of carrots but I could only eat half the amount. I was getting carroted out.
Last but certainly not least, I taste tested a gluten free oatmeal cookie courtesy of Kelsey! She kept telling me they were too dry but I really enjoyed this little cookie! I knew it was gluten free going into so I wasn't expecting the same caky version I made a while back. Kelsey also added chocolate chips, and dried cranberries. I thought they were fantastic! They even had a sweet and salty thing going on which I was diggin.
Once my shift was over I came back down for seconds! I chose the same salads, laid out the rest of my carrots, and sliced up my apple.

After making photocopies at the library and a practice sesh in my practice room, I came home and made a veggie packed dinner. I used
  • 1 serving angel hair pasta
  • about 1/2 cup sliced and quartered zucchini
  • sliced scallion (less than 1/2 Tbs.)
  • sliced mushrooms (less than 1/4 cup)
  • 1 tsp. cilantro pesto
  • 1 tsp. olive paste
  • salt and pepper to taste
This came out so delicious! It could have used a little more of the pesto and the olive paste but I added a little more salt instead.
I served myself some hummus and a crostini on the side for some protein.
I went back for another crostini cause I wanted more hummus, I mean protein!

For dessert I just wanted something creamy with blueberries and chocolate. After five minutes of collective brainstorming with Kelsey, we discovered another berry pudding in the fridge! I added blueberries and chocolate chips on top.
It was exactly what I wanted!!
For some reason the photo didn't show up here but a little while later I was still not feeling full (a theme of the day apparently) so I had half a banana with a scoop of peanut butter to quite the hunger.
Later while doing some homework my stomach was feeling really unsettled. I heard that ginger is supposed to help with this kind of thing so purely for medicinal purposes I had two pieces of crystalized ginger.
After that I just put myself to bed because I wanted to be fully rested for the big audition!

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