Friday, March 26, 2010

Go Back to High School!

I started my morning with a cup o' joe that I made myself with sugar free hazel nut and soy milk.
Some banana oats with brown sugar and peanut butter and soy milk on top filled me right up!

Later I went to my old high school to visit my choir director. It was soooo good to see him! A lot of my passion for music got started in band and choir so it's always fun to come back and see how everyone is doing.

For lunch Connor and I split this passion fruit iced tea with raspberry flavor.
We met a friend at Rubio's where I got this grilled veggie burrito. It was delicious!
For a little dessert we enjoyed some raspberry sorbet. I added chocolate sprinkles to mine :)
A little while later I enjoyed some granola. I have a very special relationship with granola... I seem to have a hard time saying no to it!

For dinner I heated up one of Amy's rice and veggie bowls. Amy's frozen foods are consistently the best I've ever had.
A little homemade grape juice on the side!
Now I'm off in search of something sweet and satisfying!

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Connor Holdren said...

:) you've made my world a brighter place, and imma start a blog just like yours, only with everything i do.