Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover Dinner, Car Fiasco!

I made plans to go with Lexie and my Aunt Linda to their workout class Sunday morning so I woke up and grabbed a quick breakfast for the road. They live a little less than two hours from me.
There was some tropical trail mix out and I just felt like having a handful.
I peeled an intense looking orange and grabbed a Honey Graham Z Bar for the road.
And of course, coffee to go!
The workout class was great! It was a dance inspired cardio type workout and I am definitely sore! The plan was to zoom back to Santa Barbara, shower and change, grab my brother who was visiting SB with some buddies, and go back for Passover dinner. Go plan, right? Well it was until the break light in my car went off! I ended up sitting in my car in a gas station waiting for a tow truck for at least an hour. Luckily I have an awesome book on my iPod that I'm listening to and this VitaminWater which had been in my car for a while now.
By the time I finally got home I was starving! I wolfed down the other half of my burrito and a pretty unhealthy speed haha. But I made the turn around and Eric and I were on the road headed back for dinner in a flash.

We missed the ceremony :( but still got to grub up on the tasty food!
Dessert and coffee!
One of my favorite traditions of having dinner and my family's house is that we always play solitaire. Now, this isn't just any kind of solitaire, this is intensely competitive, multiplayer speed solitaire! That's Lexie on my left!
And that's my brother Eric in the yellow shirt on the right.

I'm telling you this game gets vicious!

On the drive back I somehow had a grumble in my stomach. I didn't understand how this was possible but I knew my stomach wasn't taking no for an answer. I had some trail mix, but avoided all the M&M's.
We made it back safe and I went straight to be to be rested for the first day of classes...bleh.


Claire said...
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Lexie said...

My name made it into the blog! So exciting. That picture of me is very unattractive by the way. But the ones of my girlies are good! I'm so glad you and eric eventually came! =]