Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perfect Park Day

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch which is a treat since I don't normally buy it. I was running out of my special milks so I used a combination of almond and soy. It was actually really interesting tasting haha. Java with sugar free hazelnut and soy milk for an extra perk.

You know, it's nice to have connections. Especially the kind that get you free, delicious foods! Connor works at an Asian cuisine and drink shop where he got me the hook ups with some foods I had never tried. This is the Litchi Rose Tea. It was amazing! It has a fragrant rose-like taste with the sweetness of litchi and the gooey texture of Boba, or tapioca, at the bottom. The shop is called Quickly.
I also got to try fried tofu and sweet potato fries.
I've never had fried tofu before and let me just say, it was awesome!
These are sesame balls which have a sweet and salty thing going on, something I am always a fan of.
They have this sticky paste on the inside which was warm and sweet.
I mentioned that I have a bit of an obsession with blueberries and all of a sudden a Blueberry Snow arrived! Snow is fruit/juice, ice, and soy creamer. This really tasted like a dessert to me. Soy creamer is just as creamy as regular cream. Love it!
Then we headed to Capitol Park since we were in the area. There is a garden in the park growing vegetables and herbs!! I had to document it.
It's a huge park and it's really beautiful. Especially when you have great weather like this.
Orange tree :)
There's Connor!
This pond was tucked away in an area with denser trees and there were two turtles on the edge that I was convinced weren't real till one started swinging it's head haha.
So...kind of underestimated how big the front of the capitol building is...we tried!
It was a perfect park day and I'm really glad I got to actually spend part of it at a park!

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