Monday, March 15, 2010

A Burrito During Finals is Standard, Right!?

I may have had was just too good!
Later I headed to the library to crank out a paper. I had such a late breakfast that I didn't think I needed a lunch but I did bring some snacks. I tried to be quite with these carrots!!
Later I busted out this Mountain Mix Clif bar.
Savannah gave me the rest of her trail mix woohoo! We were at the library waaay too long! By the time I finally left it was already 10PM and I was starving!
I was so not in the mood to try and cook something so I caved and bought myself a burrito!
I tried to do the cut it in half save one for later method...but I was too hungry!
For a little sweet treat I used half of a banana, sprinkled it with chocolate chips and nuked it for 15 seconds.
I still had a chocolate craving so I made some hot chocolate and that was it!
I was a little too full after all that but I just keep telling myself, it's finals week, this week is crazy and it's almost over!

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