Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Number 2! During the choir break I was somehow still hungry and fought with myself about whether or not to eat this Mojo Bar.... But obviously I decided to do it!


After choir the girls and I stopped at McConnell's for some FroYo! As a vegan I don't eat frozen yogurt anymore but there's always sorbet! I got Tangerine sorbet with mochi and strawberries. Delicious!

The sorbet had a strange consistency and was sort of sticky and stretchy.
I could probably eat an oatmeal cookie but I've already had way too much sugar for tonight! I have to crank out a two pager about my experience at the museum and then I am putting myself straight to bed. In fact, I think I will get ready for to go to sleep and then write my essay in bed. Brilliant! I love it when I'm smart haha.

Good night blog world! Sleep Well!

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muffin said...

Peanut butter volcano made me lol. I didn't know you could eat the skin of the kiwi! How does it taste? Good luck at the ENT doctor.