Monday, March 8, 2010

Cookie Pie!


After dinner Savannah constructed one of her famous Cookie Pies out of our oatmeal cookie dough! The refrigerated dough did not want to stay together but she somehow managed to smash it into a mountainous cookie.
We split this sucker in half. Doesn't that just look seriously chocolaty and good?
I enjoyed my half with a mug of peppermint tea while watching an episode of Intervention, one of my favs. ...There may or may not have been a few sneaky bites of cookie dough. I need a cookie dough intervention!!
I am just exhausted today! My eye had been twitching all day and I read up on it that it could be stress or fatigue related. I didn't mention it before but in between my lunch burrito and yogurt parfait, I came home and took a nap, something a rarely ever do! I just wanted this weird feeling like I needed to close my eyes to go away so I closed my eyes for a substantial amount of time hoping that'd do the trick. I felt a little better but I think tonight I really need to hit the sack early and rack up at least seven hours of quality zzz's.

It looks like this nice weather is going to continue so at least I have some sunshine to look forward to through this stressful week. This is the last week of classes before finals week!!!

I'm thinkin pumpkin oats for tomorrow morning...but you never may know!

Good night!

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