My Food Philosopy

My philosophy concerning food is fueled in large part simply by a joy and love for all things having to do with food, cooking, and eating.  But I also like to think of myself as somewhat of a scientist.  I subscribe to the school of thinking that no matter how brilliant or articulate one is, if you aren't willing to evaluate all facets of something and determine unbiasedly what is and isn't sound and then actually make a change ...well in my book that just isn't smart!

Having done some research and made an effort to keenly observe the patterns and reactions of my own body, I decided that a vegan diet is the best for me.  I do not consider myself a "sympathetic vegan" (though it is unfortunate the way mass agriculture as evolved into such a disgusting industry) and chose this diet solely for health reasons.  However, being vegan and healthy are not synonymous.  I think of my diet as vegan with it's roots in a whole-sitic, purist-ic eating.  I try to avoid processed, refined foods, products with chemicals (though I have recently jumped back on the sugar free wagon...) and basically anything I couldn't whip up in my own kitchen if I really wanted to.  Healthy food should be easy, fun, and above all delicious!!

I also believe that my body is a beautifully designed machine that does amazing things, half of which I am consciously oblivious to.  It knows exactly what it's doing and I want to make sure that it continues to do so by trying my best to give it exactly what it needs to run at optimum capacity.  Just because I choose not to eat meat or dairy does not mean that I don't think my body (or anyone's body for that matter) could handle it. I just don't see why I should force my system to waste time processing foods that don't offer as much as others.  Our bodies are sophisticated enough that they can handle almost anything we put in them, so why not put in the absolute best?

When it really comes down to it, food reminds me to take the time to enjoy simple pleasures.  What could be better than eating something that not only makes my body happy, but tastes amazing?  If I can capture a little of that concept everyday in the foods I eat: mission accomplished!