Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outside Lunches are Finally Coming Back

Alex was kind enough to share one if his sours with me and even to let me take a picture of it! Thanks Alex!

It really is a beautiful day out today so I sat in the sun and enjoyed my little lunch. Kiwi sliced up, baby carrots, apple slice up, and a peanut butter pretzel Mojo Clif bar.
I just needed to show how tasty these bars are. There were so many little peanut butter chips on this one, woohoo!
After lunch I whipped out a piece of my favorite gum: Five: Flare (cinnamon).
I'm blogging from the library ooo! I have choral conducting in thirty minutes so I think I'll go practice a little.

My eyeball is still twitching :( I have been trying to have less caffeine lately by having chai tea instead of coffee in the morning...I hope this twitch isn't related! It makes me want to just close my eyes and go to sleep (like I did yesterday) but I can't do that, there's too much to do! I may cave and have some coffee just to see if it makes any difference.

Off to the practice room!

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