Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need to Sit in the Grass.

In anthropology I enjoyed this little clementine. I adjusted this picture because it was really dark which is why it looks sort of funny.
After class I just needed to sit in the sun and chill out for a little so I found a grassy area and ate my Peanut Butter Pretzel Clif Bar.
I sat in front of the music building by this tree.
Prime real-estate for people watching.
I practiced a little and then made my way to the gym. I ran for a little under 30 min and covered about 2.38 miles. I felt good about it. I did some light ab exercises and headed home.

Late lunch was awesome! I used my roomie Savannah's George Forman Grill to make a panini of sorts. I used a frozen eggplant patty and grilled it first with some onions. Then I smothered one of the bread slices with hempseed hummus and mustard, layered on cucumbers, and sprinkled it with spices. I grilled the whole thing and tada! For a drink I blended up a cup of frozen berries, half a cup of soy milk, a squirt of agave and a whole home grown orange from Alex and Dena's house. Served with snow peas and carrots. Perfect!
See those grill marks?
Off to choir!

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muffin said...

That sandwich looks so yummy! Loved the pictures too.