Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday is So the Time to Get Pumped!

Before choir Savannah and I got some tea. I brought a bag of throat coat from home (yesss ten points for being prepared!). I ate my carrots while we sat and gossiped.
I didn't sing last night in choir but instead just sat and followed along with my music. At break time I had this Peanut butter pretzel Mojo Bar.
After the audition (which was after choir and the reason I was saving what's left of my poor voice) I came home and heated up some dinner. Chili/ Stew, corn bread, butta and honey! The chili is even better the next night I think and it's gotten spicier and more chili like.
There was barely anything left of my chocolate coconut milk ice cream so I filled 'er up with granola and frozen berries. ...I have a serious sweet tooth problem and I think it's specifically a night time thing. I'm starting to get really frustrated with myself for messing up my whole day with sweets at night. I declare right here and now that tonight I will not have a dessert simply to prove to myself that I don't need one! That doesn't mean I won't have a little something sweet during the day maybe but tonight, I don't need to go over board and have three mugs of granola....gah!
This morning I let myself sleep in till 8:30. I'm having my allergies retested in less than a week which means that I'm not supposed to take anything with antihistamines in it. No big right? Yeah, unless you're me lol. It's annoying right now to be back in sneeze-face-ville but if it means getting my allergies figured out for good, it's a small price to pay! Anyways, I made a rather tasty breakfast this morning if I do say so myself. These are some veggie protein patties I picked up the other day.
I love this chicken spice! Again, no worries, it's totally chicken free. I just really like the combination of spices. I sprayed the pan lightly with cooking oil and cooked two of these little patties till they browned.
I heated up some frozen berries for just 45 seconds and made a fruit salad with banananananana. It's a coffee morning today. VIA medium roast, squirt of agave, regular soy milk: perfect! Oh, and gummy vites of course!
On the bread I spread a thin layer of tahini and sprinkled it with salt pepper and paprika. Simple is GOOD.
That rating on the sausages, by the way,...they taste like artificial meat which is sort of unavoidable but with the right spices and the combination of the bread and tahini they are pretty tasty. I'd recommend them to other Vegos but not to meat eaters....they'd be like, 'what is this???'

Boy, I am sore! Alex and Aaron worked me out gooood yesterday! My obliques are especially 'engaged' now in every movement I make lol. I love it though, feeling sore the next day is like your body saying, "Raaawwrr!! I worked outt rawwwrraaww!" Obviously working out turns you into a ware-wolf hahaha...

People it's Thursday!! Do you know what that means? 3 important things: It's voice lesson day, it's only one more day till Friday and Shabbos, and then the weekend!!! And this weekend is going to be bomb because it's a three day weekend!

So basically, get pumped!

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I was pumped after reading this!