Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thai Food Celebration!

I snacked on some wheat thins and hummus during my movie and tried to make a little head ache starting up go away with some green tea.
The girls decided to go out for dinner!!!! yay!! We went for Tahi food and a local restaurant called Pattaya. It was delish!
I was told that maybe a Thai Iced Tea would help my head ache. It was sooo tasty! (and vegan :)
Kels got a pear cider omg, it was so good. I wish I was 21 :(
Sav also got a Thai Iced Tea!
Claire and Savannah!
The roomies! Sorry for the bluriness my camera ist kaputt! But those are some pretty ladies anyways!
Tofu pad thai yuuuum, Kelsey's choice.
Garlic Black Pepper Broccoli and Soft Tofu, my choice.
Curry Chicken with Vegetables, Savannah's choice.
My plate! Everything was soo tasty, the garlic from the broccoli was intensely good and I couldn't stop eating it!
Getting contemplative at dinner. haha yeah right!
Kels and I are trying to cause some trouble tonight so we are getting our brooms and pointy hats...I mean peat coats and pointy shoes...what?

lol Have a good night, I'm off!

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