Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lunch and Dinner are Just Formalities Before DESSERT.

Yay little kids lunch! I was not feeling well at all by the time I got home and I decided to stay home from class and rest. I made myself a PB&J with a sliced apple and carrot sticks.
A little throat coat tea on the side also helped.
My biggest vice... I just love cereal way too much. I felt like an addict for reals today cause I ate way too much of this stuff...this is just the one I photographed :/
I agreed to cook dinner for my friend Aaron tonight in exchange for help in the theory homework. I decided to make chili and corn bread! I got my recipe from an all time favorite blog of mine Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. This particular recipe is called White Bean Chili. I didn't go exactly by the recipe but nearly. I had vegetable broth, beans, and tomatoes in the pot and onions, celery, green bell pepper, and seeded jalapeno in the pan.
I used some of the simmering broth to blanch the veggies and added: white pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, and oregano. In retrospect, I should have chopped everything a little smaller and Aaron suggested using tomato paste in the base to make it more chili like. We decided this was really more like a veggie and bean stew.
The vegan corn bread recipe was also from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen and was called Confetti Cornbread. I omitted the bell peppers from her recipe but there I did do the frozen corn kernels. Also, I used medium whole wheat instead of white whole wheat.
The finished Chili/Stew!!

Later, Alex joined us to work on the music theory and I served us up some decadent desserts! Dark chocolate coconut ice cream with berry sauce and dark chocolate almond granola. yuummm!

I'm still not feeling well and I have an audition tomorrow but I really want to go to my cycling class tomorrow. I've got myself all packed up and ready to go (even breakfast and lunch are taken care of! can we say "overnight oats"?) Hopefully I don't wake up feeling like death tomorrow which is why this post is sort of quick and snappy. It's bedtime!!

Gute Nacht!

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muffin said...

Love the title! Those desserts look so yummy.