Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health, come to me!

I was in a rush to get out this morning so I popped two gummy vites down the hatch real quick. I was planning on eating that delicious looking apricot mango yogurt at home but I made this toast with peanut butter and banana instead and packed the yogurt for later. Wanna know a secret? I love loaf ends. I wouldn't want them for sandwiches but they are perfect one slicers. They're a little breadier than just one slice on its own. ...I definitely ate that whole banana by the way!
Blast! It's raining again! I caught a break and it let up just long enough for me to ride to work but as soon as I got in it started coming down like it meant business. I guess we could call that... lucky? :) This is the view from out of my front door. I wonder if the people across the street ever see me, this weirdo girl popping out of the front door, taking a picture of nothing and shutting the door again.
I'm starting to fade guys, my sore throat is wiping me out. I think I'm going to go home after music history and try and rest. I'll be missing choral conducting which I'm sad about but I have an audition tomorrow that I need to be well for.

Hope your morning is going well!

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