Wednesday, February 17, 2010

June Mountain!!

On the way up we stopped at Starbucks where I got a soy misto to keep me alert!
We made a pit stop where Kels and I got Cracker Jacks!! They still come with prizes but they're not really prize prizes. They're all
One last pit stop! I got a soy chocolate milk and a chocolate chip kidz Clif bar which satisfied my chocolate craving quite nicely!
We didn't get in until three in the morning and we were all beat. We squished together and slept uncomfortably on the floor. That's just how we do! I woke up feeling strange so I ate a banana. Bananas for breakfast make everything alright.
I used some of my gourmet drinking chocolate and some coffee to help wake myself up.
Later I added some soy milk to my concoction. A good decision.
I split an orange with one of the boys. This was a surprisingly good one!
This is the view from the back door of our cabin. I'm sure this is where the BBQ-ing happens in the summer.
The front of our cabin whose name was, "The Lucky Fish". lol
Down the street where our cabin was such a beautiful weekend!
For a mini-lunch I made a PB&J.
Cutting it into triangles makes it taste better, duh!
Aww there's the little doofy. Haha I'm such a goober.
Surprisingly, skiing just came right back to me!! The adrenaline was pumping the whole way to the mountain, the whole way up the lift, and especially getting off the lift. But I made it! This is the view from the top of the mountain!

Kelsey and I :)
Goof balls!
I took a little break from skiing to have another mini-lunch. Water, banana, and salad with salt and pepper. It was the best I could do with the lodge food which was mostly fried stuff.
The view while I ate...ahhh.
For dinner we cooked up some rice pasta, zucchini, and mushrooms. I added some pasta sauce and voila!
There may have been a little beer drinking!....
We were having such a good time! The whole group meshed really well :)
Day two: Snowboarding! I was being fickle about breakfast and decided not to take a picture. I most definitely had the exact same thing as the day before though, no worries!

So the conclusion I've come to: I am just not a snowboarder! I think I could pick it up with a lot of practice but I start to get scared when ever I get going fast. I know it would be easier once I picked up speed but I'm not in control enough yet to feel like I won't just crash and die! For now I'll stick to skiing.
I took a lunch break after my sorry attempt to snowboard...I needed to calm down lol. The view was amazing. We got really lucky and had gorgeous weather the whole time we were there.
This is the proof that I did it (snowboarded) and also the proof that I was face first in the snow most of the time hahaha.
Lunch was a PB&J, Trader Joe's Omega 3 trail mix, a banana, and an orange.

I went home early and joined a few of the others who decided to take it easy. It was Valentine's Day (which I had practically forgotten!) So we treated ourselves to some candy!!!! This place was amazing, as soon as you walked in the buttery smell of homemade confections wrapped itself thickly around all of your senses. It was intense!
I went with one of the only vegan choices and was totally happy: Peanut Brittle!!
Also decided not to photograph dinner this night but I was again, basically the same as the night before! We were all so tired!
I ran out of bread so breakfast was bananas and peanut butter, and chocolate coffee concoction.
Before we left I had to document the cabin a little. The bathroom was full of these interesting, somewhat creepy pictures lol!

This was the furnace, our only source of heat. Let's just say it was a love hate relationship by the end of the trip. When it worked it was blazing with heat. But when it was out, usually when everyone was trying to sleep, it was soooo cold!
I heart my roomie :)
During the drive back home we stopped at Vons where I picked up some lunch. A veggie sandwich, rice chips and hummus, and an orange.

Mustard, avocado, olive spread, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, olive, cucumber, and salt and pepper: perfect!

On the final leg of the trip we stopped a Z pizza where they have gluten free vegan pizza!!!!! I was so impressed with this pizza!
I am also so proud and impressed of Kelsey who has for almost a week now gone completely gluten free and vegan! She's really taking things into her own hands and it's awesome!
All in all, it was an awesome weekend. I met some really cool new people, put in some time on the mountain, and came back with a whole body sore that feels great!

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Wow! Beautiful place and fun pictures! Thanks for sharing.