Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the Menu: Lunch and Studying

I just got back from my voice lesson which was great. I'm working on some American folk songs and I got to hear what they sound like with accompaniment for the first time today. They are not what I was expecting and I like them much more than I thought I would!
Before my lesson I did a little studying and had lunch. Some of my hearty cream of vegetable soup with a little wild rice, part of a pita and some hummus. I decorated the top of the hummus with paprika, salt, and pepper which of course makes it taste even better!
Cereal for dessert. It's study food!
The sky is looking very gray right now and there are big puffy clouds everywhere. It's supposed to be raining at least by tomorrow but I won't be surprised if it were to pick up any minute now.
My friend Aaron is in an ensemble called B.F.O.M. (pronounced bee-fom) which stands for: Brothas From Otha Mothas hahaha. They're an accapella group who do arrangements of popular songs and they are pretty snazy! Somehow whenever they have a performance something always comes up for me so this time I've committed to going and finally getting the chance to hear them perform. That's not till 8:20 tonight so I'm going to get cracking on the studying.
Till dinna!

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