Monday, February 8, 2010

All Sunny and Nice Out

Lunch! I went straight to the gym after class and did a quickie workout: 20 minutes on the eliptical strider machine (or something) and some abs on the mat. After I stopped at the Co-op which has everything a vegan girl could want.
I decided to make a sandwich with an eggplant burger patty. I love this chicken seasoning (no worries, no actual chicken involved). I used it when I cooked the patty.
I also tried Almond Pepper Jack cheese which I've never had before. Verdict: it's awesome! good texture, good flavor, even melted a little. yay!
I also picked up some throat coat because my throat is not happy today.
Rockin sandwich, throat coat, and the rest of my cranberry juice. Perfect lunch!
The sandwich needed something red like tomatoes but Tapatio was close enough.
Dark chocolate covered blueberries!!!! 1/4 cup is 190 calories, I am in heaven!
I think I really am affected by the weather. It's all sunny and nice out and today I feel all sunny and nice. I love the rain but I think I can only handle a few days before I turn into a stress bucket like last week. I loose my motivation.

Choir in an hour so I betta get ready!

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