Thursday, February 25, 2010

Citrus Juicer Official Debut!

Good Morning! I woke up before my alarm this morning and decided to read through my new issue of Self to get some ideas for exercises. I only ended up doing the first four on this page (kinda lame I know...) But something is better than nothing.


The official debut! I am so excited about this little juicer. I think it's cute :)
It was so easy to use and three oranges made a cup of juice. It takes no force at all to get the juices flowing and if you stop and wait for 5 seconds, it will rotate the opposite direction when you start again so you really get the most out of your fruit.
Homemade granola with banana slices, gummy vites, and fresh squeezed orange juice!
Doesn't it look like fancy brunch, restaurant OJ? It sure tastes like it!
I was also super excited when flipping through Self and I saw my gummy vites had a feature! I'm doin somethin right!
It's voice lesson day! I also just learned that with juries coming up (a mini audition at the end of every quarter where the faculty re-hears each student. Though it is unlikely to happen, they have to ability to dismiss someone from the program if sufficient progress is not made!) I need to get my gears into action. Because I'm a junior I have to give a junior recital. But before I can give a recital I have to audition and I am supposed to have my program ready to go by the time of the jury!! Ahh!!
See ya later!

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