Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shabbos Weekend, Kindergarden Friends!

I was in such a rush to get out of the house on Friday morning that I didn't think to grab any of my tasty snacks. Luckily I had this fruit strip in my bag which I ate during studio.
Doesn't my car look all nice and shiny!? I was so happy to finally get it back even though I do have to bring it back again to get something else fixed. It's always one the or another I guess. I went to LA this weekend to have Shabbos with the Zarets and even my brother flew in from Sacramento!
I knew I needed to keep a lot of room in my stomach because they try to stuff you to the brim on Shabbos. But I didn't want to starve on the drive down. I picked up a Carrot juice smoothie from Blenders and a chocolate chip Clif Bar.
So I didn't take any pictures of the food on Shabbos but rest assured everything was amaaaazing and I did my best to keep myself in check!

After Shabbos Eric and I went to visit some friends who we met when I was in kindergarden! Alex and I went to kindergarden together, Dena is his younger sister. They made a special vegetable dinner for the weirdo vegan as I'm known there haha. It was sooooo delicious!
Juice to drink which is a treat for me!
Afterwards, Dena and I were on the prowl for some sweets! Cocoa puffs hit the spot.
Breakfast was some reheated grilled veggies and an english muffin with apricot pineapple jam. Oh! and coffee with almond milk. Alex provided the stuffed animal and the gang sign lol!
Lunch was a little pasta and some marinara sauce from an Italian Deli.
I don't know why I haven't mentioned it yet but I LOVE this gum! It's the cinnamon flavor by 5 and I use it all the time to give my mouth something to do and to stop me from eating more once I've finished.
Dena had a benefit piano recital that afternoon that we went to and she was great! There was a little reception after and I grabbed some punch. It was grapefruit, cranberry, and sprite tasting.
Early dinner pre drive home meal was awesome!!
When I got home I had the last of my oatmeal cookies smothered in peanut butter and chocolate chips!
I still wanted something so Kelsey suggested protein. I made a simple sandwich with fake sausage and hempseed hummus.

I had an awesome weekend and I totally enjoyed myself but I'm feeling a little off. I feel like I've lost sight of my normally second nature healthy habits. This week my small goals are going to be
  1. drink more water
  2. eat more fruit and veggies INSTEAD of sweets
  3. exercise AT LEAST twice
If I can do that this week I will feel accomplished.

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