Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Breakfast EVER!

I thought I was being lame when I only did the first four on this card but later that day I was feelin it in my arms! I did two sets of each and it really did work! This morning I woke up and did the next four, also two sets each.


This breakfast makes me feel like my life is good :) How can a simple thing like breakfast do that, you ask? I'll tell you!
I used Savannah's George Forman Grill and cooked up:
  • scallions
  • mushrooms
  • red bell peppers
  • vegan breakfast sausage
While everything was grilling I smothered one piece of bread with hempseed hummus and a sprinkle of chicken seasoning and the other slice with avocado. Then I loaded up the bread and grilled everything together!
While that was grilling I used my electric citrus juice to make fresh orange juice!

Breakfast Panini with the works, fresh squeezed orange juice, green tea, and gummy vites. This Breakfast Rocks!!! I could have ordered this from a restaurant it's so good!
Uh! I just can't get over it!
Today I am singing the two pieces I plan on singing for juries in studio and I have no chance to warm-up before. I've been singing in the kitchen all morning haha!
It's another long day today but I am all juiced up and it's Friday anyways!!

Happy Friday!!!!


muffin said...

Man that sandwich looks yummy!

Claire said...

It really was! I bet you could make it without the grill but the process is so much faster when you can just do it all right there.