Monday, April 5, 2010

SpiritLand Bistro

For dinner I got a tasty surprise: Dinner at SpiritLand Bistro! I have been dying to try this vegan restaurant out and it was my friend Jeremy's brilliant idea to go!
One of the first questions the waiter asked was if there were any food allergies he should know about. I knew I was in the right place haha. The first thing we ate was whole wheat bread with olive oil and balsamic.
For an appetizer we ordered the Arabic Artichoke Puree with rice crackers. It was like a hummus dip.
For my entree I ordered the Raw Zucchini Lasagna. I never get to eat raw so I figured I would let someone else go to the trouble! It was soooo good and I was surprised at first that there were berries on the sauce but the flavor combo was awesome.
Jeremy ordered venison with risotto and mushrooms. His report was good too!
For dessert we split an Apple Crisp. This was killer! It was so warm and appley I couldn't resist it!
The meal was sealed with a tiny piece of ginger at the end.
I would absolutely go back to SpiritLand Bistro and I recommend it to anyone vegan and non-vegan alike. The atmosphere was nice, the waiters were super attentive, and of course the food was awesome.
Definitely a well appreciated treat for me!

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