Sunday, April 25, 2010

Backstage Magic

After some more serious lounging I needed a filling snack. I went after the last of the Spanish Scramble. I can't eat this stuff at breakfast anymore but there's no sense in wasting it completely.
Then, for a little something sweet, I had two dates with 1/2 Tbsp. of cashew butter.
All mashed together it tasted like a Cashew Cookie lärabar :)

Dinner before my opera call at 7 was half of the Raw Polenta with Mushroom Ragout. Love this dish! But it is pretty dense so it just made more sense to split it up.
Then I had a cabbage leaf spread with the last of the Spring Pesto and some salt and pepper.
When I got backstage there were flowers!!!
This card was from out assistant directors with a drawn picture that looked just like me!
This lovely bouquet was from Simon the director. So sweet!!
Then Rebecca passed out goodie bags and individual notes! Everyone is so sweet and really got the energy flowing for opening night.

After the show I was exhausted and my throat was feeling a little funny. When I got home I had to sample this amazing sounding creation of Kelsey's: Raw Cashew Coconut Cookie Bars! They are meant to be dehydrated so instead she put them in the freezer. I took these pieces out and in no time they were thawed and ready to be devoured!
These are killer! So coconuty and sweet. I wonder if they change a lot when they're dehydrated? I passed out shortly after these were consumed :)

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