Saturday, April 3, 2010


I had work at the library Friday morning at 9AM so I packed my lunch and waited till I got off at 11. As you can probably imagine, I was HUNGRY! Good thing I had an awesome breakfast waiting for me: Baked Banana Oatmeal with blackberries and strawberries!!

After studio and my lesson I had a little free time before opera rehearsal. It wasn't really enough time for me to come home so I stayed on campus, ate lunch, and attempted a little reading. I had some broccoli soup that I reheated in the corner store...
an apple...
and a little while later this chocolate chip Z bar.
Right before opera I ate a little more than half of these nuts and finished them during the opera break.
During opera I sneaked in these dried mangos!

For dinner I went to Shabbos at the Shushans! Out of respect for Shabbos I did not take any pictures but the food included a little red wine, an array of salads, soup, and matzoh!

When I got home I chilled out in front of my computer and had a bowl of blueberry pecan granola.
I was exhausted! It was quite the week. At least it's finally the weekend!

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