Monday, April 19, 2010

Dressing Room Dinner

Dinner was on the go tonight and lucky for me my lovely raw partner Kelsey made a delicious entree ahead of time and already had servings portioned out into dishes. On the menu: Polenta with Mushroom Ragout. This is a very dense, rather high calorie entree because of the cashews in the polenta but it is sooooo good!! It's something like 550 calories per serving so it's not exactly the type to have a big dessert after but it's still worth it. The mushrooms had marinated in the sauce which really gave them a cooked taste. Loved it! Good job Kels!
Between the opening of Act II and the finale I sliced up this apple (so as not to smudge my lipstick!) and snacked. There's a thief in my picture!
Now I'm sitting comfortably in my bed, blogging the food I've eaten on the same day I ate it! What a concept! I prefer so much to do same-day blogging but you know what? Sometimes my life is just too crazy for me to keep up with myself! Does that make sense? haha. Well I've really been feeling on top of things lately and I think, scratch that, I know it all goes back to stress. When I was stressing so much about memorizing all my music I couldn't think clearly. Now that I'm memorized and moving on to the polishing process I feel like a boss! I'm blogging about this for two main reasons: a) because it's a significant realization for me and I want to share it with the world! And b) so that I remember my own words and can look back at my mistakes and successes so that when I have even more memorizing to do.. i.e. senior recital, opera rolls!?, etc. I know what's really going on in my brain!

Does stress ever try to take over your life? How or when do you realize it's happening and what do you do?

Something to think about. Well it's bedtime for bonzo. All I want to stress about now is weather to have Spanish Scramble or Good Morning Muesli for breakfast! Good night!

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