Sunday, April 11, 2010

Murder Mystery Madness!!

The banana bread came out pretty good! I ended up having to cook it for 1 hr 10 minutes when the recipe only said 30 min and it still came out doughy on the inside! Also, I feel pretty silly but I forgot to add the 1 tsp. of baking soda. Think it made a difference?

Even though it is still veeery moist on the inside, it is delicious! Since it's vegan I have no worry at all when something doesn't come out perfectly cooked. No salmonella for me!
This stuff is addicting and it was very hard to help myself from eating slice after slice!

After my voice lesson I came home for a light lunch. Left over chili, piece of toast, and garlic hummus.
I also drank some green tea with ginger ale.
After lunch Amanda and I went to vons and did some serious shopping for the Murder Mystery Party!

We started with the classic appetizer of chips, guacamole, salsa, and 7 layer bean dip.
We also served chicken empanadas. I was told these were pretty tasty!
Action shot! Kelsey doctored the guac with some fresh lime juice and cilantro.
The poor women in mourning! All of Kelsey a.k.a. Helena's 13 sons were shot to death and all of my a.k.a Dee Adela's 3 husbands died mysteriously!
Even the margaritas were suspicious!!
I stuck with Manhattan's. I'd never had one before and they are now a new favorite of mine! They were fairly strong though...
Ever been to Chevy's? You know that delicious, sweet corn stuff that comes with the fajitas? I was determined to make it and I'm proud to say, it was a success! It's called Sweet Corn Tomalito.

Here's my plate. Plenty of veggies, black beans, spanish rice, tomalito, and I only used one of the corn tortillas. I also used plenty of salsa, guacamole, and even vegan sour cream.
Number 2! There was no way I could finish this one. In fact I only got a few sips in. I was feeling it and the game was getting intense!
Even though we were so full, after the game ended we had dessert. The murderer was Barbie a.k.a Elvira! I never saw it coming!
For dessert we had both regular and vegan vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and blackberries,
and Mexican Wedding Cookies! We sprinkled the berries with a little sugar so they had a bit of a sauce. I used gluten free flour for every thing so there'd be no worries for Kelsey. I actually think that the gluten free flour made these cookies even more melt in your mouth. They literally disintegrated in your mouth and they were sooo good!
I had a little of everything :)
The party was really a hit. I know I had a blast and it was nice to just enjoy the company of my friends!

For breakfast this morning I had some vanilla soy yogurt with the left over berries and some slices of banana bread.
I'm not really looking forward to dealing with the wreckage left from the party but I know it won't take long once I get started. Let's just say Law and Order CI is a little distracting :)
Hope you're all having a good Sunday!

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