Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full and Not Full

A little passed the halfway point into studying I couldn't resist those juicy oranges. I thought leaving them in the peel would help to avoid the juice mess that usually happens. I also lit my Oleander candle to set the study mood. It helped!

Finally I finished and it was dinner time! Just in time too, Savannah rolled in and we decided to start watching the series The United States of Tara. My dinner is suspiciously similar to last nights but I don't care because it was so good! On the plate:
  • roasted broccoli
  • roasted sweet potatoes with yellow mustard
  • mushroom soup rice with kidney beans (and a little something extra...see below)
  • corn bread muffin with vegan butter
While I was studying I got an intense craving for the sun dried tomato and mushroom risotto that I made for my birthday last year. I thought I would use this black truffle infused oil to bring back that flavor. I mixed 1/4 Tbsp. into my rice but sadly it didn't do much if anything to the flavor :(

About three episodes into The United States of Tara we took a dessert break. I went for Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet with mango and blueberries all mixed up.
Now I am really to hit the hay! Is it possible to feel full and not full at the same time? My stomach feels full for sure but it also feels sort of hungry...I don't think I had enough protein in my dinner or something. I nixed the hummus tonight so I could have that black truffle oil. Hmm, I guess it just means I will have to have a hearty breakfast! I'm already mentally concocting.

Good night!

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