Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Morning Muesli Rain

Good morning blog world. It's a grey day out today and, according to my iPhone, by noon there is a 50% chance of rain!

I decided to go with the Good Morning Muesli this morning.
  • 1 apple, chopped into small pieces
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 Tbsp. flaxseeds
  • 2 Tbsp. raisins
  • topped with homemade almond mylk
  • and a scoop of homemade cashew butter
This breakfast really is surprisingly filling. I say surprising because it's just an apple and a bunch of seeds! Raw food just continues to impress and amaze me.
I wanted to make special mention about the supplements I've been taking. I bought these cleanse tablets at the co-op while I was doing my cleanse and they weren't exactly cheap. I figure I will take two everyday until they run out. Also, I try to always take my Women's One a Day vitamin to make sure I'm staying well rounded. I really believe I could (and likely do) get all the nutrients I need in the foods I eat. But ya know, not every day is perfectly balanced, I probably need more calcium in my life, and if this one little pill can help me lessen the impact that aging will inevitably have, fine by me!
Yesterday in my Intro to Ethics class there was discussion of how pleasures that required higher faculties, such as intellectual pursuits, will generally win out over pleasures that only use lower faculties, i.e. sitting on the beach. BUT, the capacity/desire to seek out these pleasures must be cultivated during youth or the desire will wilt. This is interesting to me since a lot of the things I'm doing for my body and health I do with the conscious intention of building good habits for later. I guess I'm doing something right!

Do you prefer higher or lower faculties? Do you think it's true that higher will usually win over time? Does this have anything to do with age?

It just started raining out and now I'm considering getting outta here as soon as I can to go search for a parking spot on campus. It's still early, I could probably find one! Alrighty peeps, see you later!

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