Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I almost forgot that I had work, my alarm going off 15 minutes before I had to be there, I didn't exactly have time to pack up a fancy lunch! I just grabbed the left over spanish rice from last night which I microwaved at work.
I also had this chocolate chip Z Bar.

When I got home had a Mexican Wedding Cookie! Then I ran out in to rain to pick up my costume from Old Navy.

I just was not in the mood to cook tonight so I went to a place I've never been before: Del Pueblo Cafe.
I got a tostada with grilled veggies.
I added a glob of hummus. It was really tasty!
For dessert I had a scoop of coconut milk ice cream, a cookie, and berries. Man, was that delicious!

It's not quite bedtime yet but I think I will get ready for bed anyways and do a little reading to the sound of the rain. It's really coming down! I secretly love it....we'll see if I feel the same way tomorrow when I have to go to class!

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