Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recital Day!

Saturday May 2: Recital Day!!

I met my parents at their hotel for a little continental breakfast. I got oatmeal and mixed in a
banana and drizzled with honey and a scoop of peanut butter. Just the way I like it. I also had a mug of green tea.
The oatmeal was a pretty small portion so I had another banana with peanut butter and marmalade.
We headed home and mom and I got right to work making the gifts for my pianist and voice teacher: Chocolate Chip Walnut Oatmeal Cookies!!!
This sign was not just for my room mates...I had to really resist eating these!

Then my parents and I decided to go to Silvergreens for lunch. Dad convinced me to get a strawberry lemonade which the cashier informed me had fresh strawberries. It was perfectly refreshing. (That's my mamma in the back!)
A steak sandwich for my carnivore parents haha.
Hummus and avocado sandwich and half salad for the vegan.
Perfect pre-recital lunch! I had half of everything and saved the other half for a few hours before the performance. Singing on an empty stomach is not fun but I also knew I would have to force myself to eat despite the nerves.
Silvergreen's sandwiches rock.
After a very zen shower and fighting off the adrenaline flares thinking about the performance to come I had the other half of my lunch.
The recital went really well! I could not have asked for a better recital. All of my people were there, I relaxed and enjoyed each song and I think my sound was good. My only wish was that my brother could have made it but he had an AP test :( Luckily I will have another one next year!
For dinner we went to a new favorite of mine: Spiritland Bistro. This place is ahhmazing! We started with the much anticipated first glass of wine after the recital! Dad took care of us with his excellent wine selection.
Delicious! Light and fruity, not too dry, just what I like.
I love that Spiritland serves two kinds of bread. I went for the wheaty looking one.

We ordered two appetizers: Sweet Potato Ballsand the Artichoke Puree with rice crackers and pita bread.
The girls! Somehow the bottom of Savannah's glass broke right off...we have no idea how that happened!These sweet potato balls were really good.Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside from the panko bread crumbs.For my entree I ordered Seitan with housemade BBQ sauce, black kale, rice, and steamed veggies. This tasted so similar to meat I had to have someone else try it! It freaked me out a little at first because it confused my taste buds but it really was delicious!
Then, of course we got desserts! I stayed in my recital dress just for kicks and when they brought our sweet treats they put a candle in Savannah's and mine. How sweet!It was the most decadent, chocolate fudge like torte with a hazelnut crust....drooling...We all shared of course and Savannah ordered the intense vegan chocolate cake with a side of Forest Berry sorbet. Good call Sav!
Kelsey got Chocolate Macademia Nut Bananas with vanilla soy ice cream. It was insanely good!
The crew. My favorite people :) (minus my little bro, Eric. I missed you boo!)
And as always, a little crystalized ginger to seal the meal. I love this restaurant! Afterwards, we were all so satisfied we decided that it should be a monthly event. Any excuse to come back is a good one in my book.
I already want to go back!

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muffin said...

What an exciting and memorable time we had. Hard to put into words. You are amazing!