Saturday, May 1, 2010


I picked up some prepackaged trail mix when I was at Trader Joe's.
This is one of my favorite trail mixes. I grabbed a pack on my way out.

I had almost no time for lunch so I went with quick at simple. I had two servings of the mushroom soup rice and kidney beans and broccoli roasted with soy sauce. I also heated up a corn bread muffin and had some eggplant hummus and roasted tomato salsa on the side. Fast and tasty.
After studio I came home and had a juice orange. I'm loving these oranges!
By the way, I went with a frenchie! French tip that is. Savannah and I decided that although acrylics are really not good for the nails, it's worth it this time to not be worrying about chipping before the big performance.
Later I enjoyed a Fuji and a Tbsp. of almond butter. It's such a good snack but wasn't doing the trick so satisfy my appetite.
I decided to have 1/3 cup of raisin bran crunch with 1/2 cup almond milk. Did the trick :)
I didn't want to fill up before Shabbos dinner but I was a little hungry since the shabbos meal is later than I usually eat. I decided to make a batch of sweet potato chips.
I love the little crispy ones!
Served with some fresh ground pepper and my favorite condiment: mustard.
Shabbos dinner was great as usual but I think the sweet potatoes were too much or something because my stomach was just not sitting right. When I got home I had a few pieces of ginger to try and calm the storm.
I think I may have overloaded on fiber which is very easy when you're a vegan. It's happened before and I just have to cut it back a little.
It's recital weekend!!!! Get Pumped!!

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