Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon Buzz

Soon as I got back from work I whipped up an iced coffee with soy milk and stevia. I love that little extra buzz in the afternoon.
I popped these bad boys in the oven at 450F for a little roasting action. I'm totally into roasting veggies lately, have you noticed?
I flipped them after 15, then took then out after another ten. They're not sitting in a bowl where the condensation will help the skin to come off later.

This dinner felt more like a very late lunch and I have a feeling that I will be hungry again later tonight because of this whacko eating schedule that happens when I sleep late. I tossed the rest of the left over roasted cauliflower and onions on a bed of spinach with a bunch of grape tomatoes. Also, some blue corn flaxseed chips with hummus and salsa.
For a little european style tea time snack I had the last piece of the carrot cake with a smear of peanut butter (and a refill on the iced coffee!).
I have a new TV obsession: The United States of Tara. I love this show! I have been watching it online all day only to finish the whole first season and power through the second to find that the last two episodes aren't available yet! Baahhh the misery!

I'm trying to decide what to do with myself now... it's a Sunday but it's also a 3 day weekend... so many things to consider!
Hope you're enjoying the time off!

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