Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cinco de Mayo!

It's a good thing my friend Alex called early in the morning and convinced me to hit the pool for a quick 30 minute swim. I was in the process of trying to justify staying in bed until I absolutely had to get up but I'm glad I didn't!

I ended up having the perfect morning! I showered and dressed at the gym and came to campus with the perfect plan. My mom sent me a package a few weeks ago and inside were these gift cards to Jamba Juice and Panda Express! (someone's been reading my blog!)
I decided to grab a bowl of steel cut oats from Jamba Juice with the classic banana topping. I also topped it with some cinnamon from the coffee shop on campus.
I went with a medium drip coffee with a shot of sugar free hazelnut and soymilk.
I grabbed the campus paper and headed out to the plaza to sit in the shade by the pond.
As usual, the beggar fish came right up to the side when I set up to take my food photo.
Crooked fish!!

After my perfect morning and once I was done with class I came home and snacked on this orange.
And what goes better with oranges than Blue Moon!? I love having 21 year old room mates!
In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Savannah and I enjoyed ourselves with one of our favorite brews.

Then we decided to further honor the spirit of this Mexican holiday by eating burritos! We grabbed our monster meals and sat at some benches by the beach. What a gorgeous day for a burrito by the beach. I made sure to save half of my burrito for later and rushed off to work.
During choir, I snacked on this chocolate chip Z bar.

I covered a shift for a friend at work so during my little break I had the other half of my Cinco de Mayo burrito.
When I got home I was craving something sweet so I had the last scoop of some coconut vanilla ice cream topped with a little bit of raisin bran crunch and two squares of Ritter Sport Schokolade mit Hazelnüsse, I mean chocolate with hazelnuts! I fell in love with this chocolate in Germany and my mom gave me a square when they were visiting :)
Hope you had a fun Cinco de Mayo!

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