Saturday, May 22, 2010

Choir Concert and Partayray

So as you may notice, there are a lot of undocumented days between my last post and this one. My only explanation is that I am starting to think that if I don't just skip to the present I may never get to the present! And, I'm sure that it's more interesting as a reader to read what I'm doing and eating when it's as close to the moment as possible. In light of that, on to Friday!

Because I've been a slacker about getting caught up on posting I haven't gotten the chance to tell you all about the exciting new workout I've been doing: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!
Kelsey ordered this video online and it has successfully infiltrated the workouts of my whole house! There are three levels each increasing in intensity and personally my favorite thing about it is: they are only 20 minutes long! It's perfect for a quick morning routine. This also means that you really have to push and be disciplined. Friday is Day 5 for me.

For breakfast I made a yogurt mess with
  • cherry flavored soy yogurt
  • peanut butter puffins
  • honey and oats granola
  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh cherries
  • chia seeds
  • milled flax seeds
  • 1 banana
I made a delicious mug of half-caff hazelnut creme coffee with soy creamer and sweetened it with stevia. A little water to rehydrate from my workout (that video makes me sweat!) and a Women's One a Day to go with my yogurty breakfast.

For lunch I had a balsmaic vinegar grilled tofu sandwich with grilled onions and mushrooms. On the side I made a huge batch of kale chips and homemade guacamole and blue corn flaxseed tortilla chips. Dang, this is a good lookin lunch!
To round things out I shared my fresh cherries and strawberries (and kale chips and guac!) with Matt and Savannah.
Then the craving for coffee struck and Matt took us to a favorite cafe in town called Cajé. I went with the vanilla ice blended latte with soy and half the amount of vanilla. They make their vanilla syrup in the cafe an use only real ingredients which is why this is they have most amazing vanilla lattes! (Btw, I counted this as part of my Cookie Friday!)

Chamber Choir had our final concert last night and it was a total success. With spring quarter coming to a close and choir ended for the year, it was bittersweet knowing that it was the last concert for some of the members. Luckily we don't have to say our final good byes yet and we yucked it up after the performance at the choir party!

By the time we got there it was already poppin. I brought a hummus party pack with three different kinds of hummus yessss!
This dog was so sweet and mellow, and just kept licking my arm haha!
I had a glass of white wine but quickly realized that since I had such a late, filling lunch, I had forgotten to eat dinner and the wine went right through me! I had some hummus and pita chips (not pictured) to make sure there was something in there to absorb that wine!
Choir girls! I couldn't figure out what the right setting was for the lighting. Appearantly the party setting= blurry demon pictures!

Flash is always better :)
Outside there was a fire pit blazing.
One of the basses had the brilliant idea to bring all the fixins for s'mores!

I know that marshmallows aren't actually vegan because they have gelatin but I couldn't resist having a little taste of this dinosaur looking marshmallow. It was totally worth it.
The rest of the night continued with plenty of choir smack talk and singers gossip! I love music people :)

I ended up having a much later night than I though I would and it was a total blast. I have the best girlfriends ever so this is a shout-out to my ladies Savannah, Amanda, and Barbie I love you girls!

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