Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Get Motivated

Wow these allergies are still getting to me. I'm starting to worry that this is the beginning of a cold or something so from now on consider Claire on total sickness prevention lockdown. Early bedtime, healthy eating, Neti Pot, Vitamin C, constant hand washing, and as little stress as possible. I don't want to do anything that could help the sickness!

While I was digging around in the kitchen for something this morning I found this heart shaped tray and decided to make red Valentine's ice cubes. I know it's still a ways off but whatever! I sort of had this idea that if I really stick with it and do well in the "Lose the Dough" challenge that I'll reward myself with little things. This weekend I reallly want to buy and electric citrus juicer! I have a bunch of coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond so hopefully I will make it happen!
The finished product of this will soon make an appearance!
Here are all the snacks I packed. Does this make me a bag lady?
I took this picture while I was on my bike! Skills. I love those flowery trees... but on the other had maybe they are the reason I'm suffering from such bad allergies...hmm.

Here is my small cappuccino with soy from my morning coffee date.
The foam is my favorite part! I think the caffeine really helped my afternoon slump. Or I may have just felt more motivated to pay extra close attention because the midterm is next week... who can really say!
This is the lagoon and the view from the back patio of the coffee shop on campus. It was such a beautiful day!
I haven't properly introduced these tasty cookies. These are actually the last two of a batch of Molasses Cookies I made last week. They are so good, maybe even a little too good. I should reserve making these unless I know I have people to share them with because I could eat them all. The recipe was on the back of the bottle of molasses and they tasted like rich gingerbread with a molassesy base and were super soft and melty, just the way I like 'em. Like I said, so good!
I brought this Mojo Mountain Mix bar with me to school but didn't get to it until I got home. I snacked on it as I blogged and I think it should hold me over till dinner time.

Well it's time to hit the books and get cracking on that paper. Bleh. Motivation, come to me!!

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