Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lunch Breaks Rock

So, as much as I love music, the reading for this paper can be a little...dry. I decided this wasn't going to happened with out a little coffee.
It was just the caffeine boost I needed! I shook up the milk to give it a frothy top and it even came out two tone. woohoo!

I finished the reading just in time to swing by the BBQ and made it just as they were getting ready to make the first cuts!
I came home and even though I was pretty hungry nothing sounded appealing. I made myself make a big ol' pita sandwich and I got into it once I started making it. That's my awesome camelbak water bottle cause I need to be drinking more water than I am.
That thing was humongous! Whole wheat pita, hummus, the last of the wild rice and pinto beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, and roasted turkey faux meat.

Now I'm watching an intense episode of Intervention on A&E! I swear I'll get back to work as soon as it's over!

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