Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Sneezy Thursday Night

These allergies are just getting ridiculous. It's so hard to focus on anything when you're always on the verge of a sneeze!
I tried calming my senses with a mug of green tea while did a little reading.
Soon all the roomies arrived and it was dinner time! I decided I wanted my brussel sprouts should be a little softer if they were going to make the cut for my salad so I added a little water to this container and microwaved them for a minute and drained them.
Brussel sprouts, wild rice and beans, vegan creamed spinach, roasted butternut squash, yellow onion, cherry tomato, bean sprouts, fresh basil. Basically everything but the kitchen sink.
This dressing is fantastic! I also feel pretty nifty that I came up with the bright idea to make my salad in this tupperware so that I could shake it all up to coat everything with dressing.
Salad and soup, perfect for someone feeling as miserable as I am! I got sucked into watching "The First 48" on A&E. I'm telling you, I'm addicted to crime shows!
This salad was humongous. I think I will need to downsize next time. It was boarder line too much but it was also super tasty. Plus my lunch was mostly just little snacks so I guess I feel ok about it. I think today I ended up over eating a little but that didn't stop me from sealing the deal with a mug of cereal!
This cereal is sooo good! Blueberries, pecans, granola crunch...what more could a girl ask for?
I showed my room mates a recipe I saw on another blog I follow called Fatfree Vegan Kitchen for Microwave Baked Apples Two Ways. I thought it would be of particular interest because you need ingredients that we usually have on hand anyways, and you only need 3-5 minutes in the microwave for an instant dessert! My roomie Kelsey gave it a shot and did a particularly good job if I may say. Doesn't that just look melt in your mouth good?

Well it's time for me to knock myself out with a good dose of Benadryl. I have an important announcement to make but it can wait till tomorrow morning. Sleep well everyone, and hopefully no one else is suffering from sneeze face!

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