Monday, January 25, 2010

Iron Packed Dinner

In an attempt to avoid a lunch-dinner duplicate I decided to make some wild rice with pinto beans and bust out the humongous back of broccoli. I cooked the brussel sprouts and the broccoli together with some roasted garlic, which turned pink for some reason, and it was delish!

A glob of hummus is standard of course but I was mostly trying to get a shot of that wild rice!

There it is! I have a feeling this will come in handy sometime this week...
Now I'm off to schmooze with some of the wonderful girls I met this weekend at Shabbat. We're meeting near the coffee shop and I know I'll be tempted to get something sinful so I'm bringing along my own, homemade hot stuff. Green tea with soy milk and a squirt of agave.

I'm actually running late, ahhh gotta run! Here's to hoping my cereal addiction doesn't kick in when I get back!

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