Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Shabbos!

I was so happy to set my alarm for 8 instead of 6:30 on Thursday night and strolled into breakfast with my fixins. I made oats with banana and walnuts which really hit the spot.
I also had some black coffee with a little sugar. Coffee is coffee at this point, know what I mean?
After doing some easy stretching and letting my breakfast fully digest, I threw on my workout shoes and actually went for a run around the campus. I came up with a loop around the school that starts uphill and finishes downhill. I did it four times and then cooled down on a shady grassy area behind some dorms. Then I did some circuits that I picked up from the Jillian DVD which included jumping jacks, push ups, bicycles, toe touches, high knees, butt kicks, and double crunches. Then I finished up with some more sit ups in my room (cause the grass was attacking me) and stretching.

I basically lazed around my room after my shower, anticipating seeing some of my favorite ladies for Shabbos from when I was here last winter. I knew there was going to be intense amounts of delicious food so I wanted to leave plenty of room. The cafeteria kitchen pretty much shuts down on Friday in preparation for shabbos but they do leave some potato kugel. I enjoyed a few pieces with some hummus,
and also and orange. It would be a long time before eating again and this little lunch did a good job holding me over.
The family who housed my roomie Chelsea and I were really nice and the kids were bundles of energy!
Meet my alarm clocks. These two came bursting in the next morning and it's a good thing I can quickly flex my abs because yes, there was stomach jumping.
Both our Shabbos dinner and lunch and third meal were wonderful and we got to spend them with some of our favorite people! As a reminder, part of Shabbos is that no electricity or electronics are used from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday so there are no pictures of the food. But trust me, I was wishing I could have snapped shots of everything because it's always a feast worth remembering!

When Chelsea and I got back to our dorm we met up with our much missed roomie Sam! We decided to go have a little fun in the downtown area of Jerusalem and meet up with Chelsea's boyfriend and some of the guys from his study program.
The girls!
Sam and I went Polish if ya know what I mean!
Chelsea and her boo. Aren't they adorable!?

This morning I was a little late waking up and just barely made it to breakfast. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my camera and I was forced out of my normal oats and had cereal with banana and walnuts and milk (I know, milk! Ahh!) But it's all good. I was just happy to have something in my tummy before classes.

During a little break between classes I snacked on these rice cakes that my friend Netanya and I went halvesies on.
I dunked mine in my hummus, a winning combo in my book actually.

Lunch today was brown rice, peas, and crazy salad fixings. I also had some veggie soup.
I got creative with my rice cakes and spread them with hummus and topped it all with cucumbers, onion, tomato, bell pepper, carrot, green olive and pickle chunks. It wasn't graceful to eat but it was tasty and afterall... it's an all girls school hahaha.
An ity bity green apple for a little something sweet.

I started a class today learning Hebrew, wooohoooo!! It's going to be tough since I have had no training at all and its seems like many of the girls have been to Hebrew school before. After class I has a little snack of more rice cakes and hummus and peach applesauce. Yum!
I totally forgot that I took the battery out of my camera when I went to dinner so there's no photo of dinner tonight sorry! I had flashbacks of my childhood at dinner tonight because there was rice and corn, a dish that always reminds me of my mommy. There was also veggie medley, soy patty, salad, and a really tasty soup that I suspect was made with beef broth....but who really knows.

Right now I'm in the internet room where those of us who were going into internet withdrawls bombarded directly after class. I'm having a weird crampy stomach ache right now and I can't figure out why! I was in a rush more than once today at meal times...maybe I ate too fast? Nothing a good night sleep won't fix.
It's weird to say good night when I know you're all still in the afternoon. It's also weird that Sunday was a school day for me and it's a rest day for you all! It's all backwards up in the Holy Land haha.



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