Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Weekend Ahead

Before I even had breakfast this morning I made a cup o' joe. I've become a coffee drinker ladies and gentleman. It's official!
When I finally had an appetite I went for a bowl of cinnamon puffins with half a peach, a banana, and vanilla soy milk. These peaches are fabulous. There are so many at Von's right now that you can smell them when you walk in. I couldn't resist!

I almost didn't have my regular old sandwich for lunch feeling like I'd had enough of the same thing but I just bought this new salami flavored fake meet and I want to go through my fresh stuff. As I was making it I got into it, as usual. Plus I totally forgot that I had extra sweet potato fries so I was no longer in the dumps about my same old lunch. I try to spice things up for myself in little ways but really, I like having a reliable lunch time meal with less wiggle room because that's usually when I go all crazy and over eat or eat something ridiculous. If the former, teenage-non-conformist Claire knew I was about to say this she would probably slap me in the face but...routine is good! Sorry former Claire, it's true. I've been having the same thing for lunch for a few days now and I think it's really helped me stay on track. Afternoons can be hard since I'm usually at home and I have a few hours to veg out.
By the way that's the rest of the peach from breakfast and some grapes. And, my new water bottle came in the mail today! I tragically left my old one in a classroom, never to be seen again. Welcome: Black Hound Camelbak!
I also had some leftover coffee from this morning which I converted into an iced coffee with some vanilla soy milk and a little stevia. Savannah told me today that now I drink more coffee than her, the former lone coffee drinker in our house! Times, they are a changin'!
So I have some fun things coming up in the next 24 hours that I'd like to brief everyone on. The big event of the weekend:
My cousin Lindsay is Getting Married!! They live in Arizona and are having their ceremony at the same hotel the families are staying at. I am so excited to see everyone again and enjoy the hot weather. It's stupid and overcast here right now. I rarely get to spend time with this part of the family let alone celebrate with them so I am pretty stoked.
My mom has cleverly arranged our flights so that we all meet on the same plane heading to Arizona from So Cal. I haven't even gotten to see my brother since he became a high school graduate!
So, naturally, I am now on a mission to pack sensibly and prepare for this mini vaca (pronounced vay-kay). I'm flying back Sunday afternoon. The rehearsal dinner is Hawaiian themed so we'll see what I come up with!
Also...I haven't been feeling completely full after my lunches which I think has more to do with the psychological aspect of appetite. I'm going to keep drinking water from the Black Hound and have a packing showdown before I eat anything more. I want to see if it really is all in my head!

Hope you're Thursday is going well :)

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